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1 Airo Kyoni on Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:30 pm

Character - Shinigami

Name: Airo Kyoni
Age: 600
Apparent Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 6 ft. 1in.
Weight: 124 pounds
Appearance: Airo is a slim young shinigami. He has long purple hair with two strands that are longer than the others. He wears a tan outfit when he is not in his captains uniform. He has bright purple eyes that shimmer in the night. He also keeps a small necklace that he always keeps on him. He often is seen slouching slightly.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Likes: Tea, Training, Sleeping, Walking around the soul society, and Especially noodles!
Dislikes: Stale food, Interuptions, Intruders, Quincies, and Liars
Strengths: He is over protective, He is an over achiever, and He can block out any insult thrown at him.
Flaws: He lets his emotions speak for his actions, He cares too much about his friends, also he has a short attention span.
Personality: Airo is a cocky fighter who loves to train. He most of the time can be seen sleeping or training when he is not on a mission. He hates quincies with all his guts, the foul soul reaper hunters. He often responds with a bored tone to his inferiors. Once you get past his hard outer shell of a body, he is a nice person who treasures his friends.
Squadron: Squadron 1
Rank: Captain
Airo started out as a young age when he died and became a soul. He was chosen to train as a soul reaper. In his training he has accompanied many hollows and other beings of the sort. To the surprise of his masters Airo was much quicker than they had expected. In one of his most powerful battles he leveled an entire city block. Though Airo was proven to be wreckless he was still a powerful trainee.

Upon his graduation he was finally accepted to be a soul reaper. He spent most of his time trying to unlock his zanpakuto. Years turned into decades as the newley made soul reaper ventured to find his blade. Along his travels he met a fine soul in which he has fallen in love with. Due to his job as a soul reaper he was constantly hunted down by quincies. One fateful night he was away and a group of quincies had broken into his home and killed his love.

Fury built up in Airo as he returned to his home. Within his rage he had finally found his zanpakuto, Shadoryoushi. Though he has yet learned the name of his zanpakuto he still fought with it valantly. Five years after his love was murdered he took off to kill all the quincies involved. Not a single one has lived after he arrived. Upon his return to the soul society he was rewarded by offered to join the First Squadron.

He was quick to impress the rest of his squadron. After centuries of training Airo had finally learned the name of his zanpakuto Shadoryoushi. An assault on the soul society has taken its toll as killing the previous captain leaving Airo the highest ranking member alive. Within this battle Airo had unlocked his Bankai, turning his blades into Claws in which he tore through every last one of the assailants. After the battle Airo was promoted to captain of the first squadron. He wielded his zanpakuto with pride as he watched over his squadron for two centuries, until now.
Roleplay Example:

(this takes place in a world of avatar that was modified to include different types of bending)
It was the begining in Omashu so the trees were just getting their golden brown color. Airo had just left home about a week ago to find her brother and she was already tired. She walked wearing her usual outfit and a backpack full of supplies that would last her a month or two. She was drowsily walking down a street when the feeling of impending stomache growl.

She walked to a nearby park and opened her pack to see no food left. She let out a big sign and slammed herself backwards. The spirit of her brother apeared next to her. "You are so impatient Airo." said the spirit. Airo responded with a large punch to wear the spirit was. But she forgot he was a spirit and she hit the ground popping her wrist out of place. She jolted forward grabing her dislocated wrist crying "Damnit Akarusa why did you get yourself hurt." The spirit laughed "You are always worrying about me instead of yourself."

"Well its your fault that you are lost."

"No that would be the wars fault."

"You are impossible" Airo shouted forgeting no one else could see Akarusa. Airo sat their trying to relocate her wrist when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Airo jumped somehow popping her wrist back into place with a loud, bloodcurdling pop.
Trivia: Airo is very quick to jump to conclusions.
Zankensoki Mastery: Master

Zanpakuto Appearance: Normaly Airo's zanpakuto is just a small blade with a chain on the edge of it. The blade itself is about a foot long. It is very thin and sharp enough to cut through anything. Its hand guard has three spiraling tips along with a blade that covers his knuckles. The hilt has a small spike at the bottom that is attached to the chain. The blade itself is grey with a black edge.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Zanpakuto Name: Shadoryoushi - Shadow Hunter
  • Release Command: "Feed, Shadoryoushi"
    Spirit Appearance: Shadoryoushi's spirit is of a man with long silver hair. This man has dark red eyes that reflect all light that it touches. He is wearing pitch black armor with a red crystal in the middle. Along the edges of his armor are sharp blades that shimmer in the darkness. His right arm has a pitch black shield on it shaped like a claw.

    The spirit is chained up to the surounding area. A long blade is attached to the end of one of the chains. On another chain is a large hammer. When released the spirit breaks free from all the chains. When free from its chains it has small black particles following it.
    Inner World: The inner world of Shadoryoushi is prison. The prison is pure white with chains all around. There are no windows at all. There is no shadows what so ever in the inner world. There is no light sources other than the bright walls.
    [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

  • Shikai Appearance: When released Shadoryoushi turns into a four foot long blade. It hilt extends over his knuckles and the chain grows longer. On the chain is another blade which Airo wields while holding the other sword upside down. The blade on the end of the chain is two feet long on one side and six inches the other. They are both dark grey with a black edge. The chain is pitch black and can disapear with certain commands. Also the smaller blade combines with the larger one to create a sharper, more protective handguard. The small blade has small gaps on the two ends of it to open the wound when it strikes.
    [Only admins are allowed to see this image]
    Special Ability: Shadoryoushi can extend its chain and also completely remove it.
    Special Techniques: Held upside down. Moves around without any resistance.

    1. Bankai Name: Hakari satsugaisha (Light Slayer)
      Bankai Appearance:
      Airo has a very....different kind of bankai. It has two different forms. First form is activated by him throwing the chain blade over his shoulder and yelling "Bankai! Hikari Satsu, Kageryoushi" meaning Light Massacre, Shadow Hunter. To activate it's second form he places the hilt of his blade on his chest. His second bankai is more threatening than his first. The speed of his first is unmatchable.

      In a burst of smoke Airo activates his first bankai. The smoke clears to see him standing there with his arm completely covered with darkness. His fingers sharper than any regular zanpakuto. Along the edges are small sharp blades that extend and retract at his will. At his shoulder is a long blade that resembles the smaller part of his shakai. The palm of his hand has a red crystal in the middle of it.

      Holding his shakai to his chest he releases his second bankai. Slowly the blade fuse with his skin. The painfull process that turns his entire left and right arm into blades. These blades are curved and can flex like his real arms. In his second bankai the rest of the blade turns into armor protecting him from any strike. This bankai is too powerfull for him to handle so if he uses it longer than five minutes, it may result in death.
      Bankai Special Ability:

    Attack: 100
    Defense: 33
    Kido: 67
    Mobility: 200
    Intelligence: 125

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    2 Re: Airo Kyoni on Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:18 am

    is it ready to be approved? It looks like it Smile

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    3 Re: Airo Kyoni on Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:37 am

    The overall app seems good, although I'm not sure if they would let a 16 year old shinigami be the captain of the 1st division. Maybe 2nd or 3rd? That's my only concern ;P

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    4 Re: Airo Kyoni on Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:44 am

    Nah, that's alright. Captain Commander isn't necessarily 1st Squad captain.
    However... Let's get to review~!

    Okay, I like your character. He seems like an okay guy, a little too flowing for a Captain, but we need variety. I like that.
    Your hatred towards Quincies is also a good plot device.
    Only problem is, in Strengths: In the guidelines, it says to avoid thing battle-related, which means personality things. Short Attention span and easily brushing off insults is great examples you gave out. Try things like 'Calm and Collected' or 'Devoted to training'. These things.

    Other than that, no problems spotted.

    You've got my approval after you fix that.

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    5 Re: Airo Kyoni on Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:48 am

    Alright i fixed the strengths.

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    6 Re: Airo Kyoni on Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:14 am

    Approved [1/2].

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    7 Re: Airo Kyoni on Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:54 am

    Approved 2/2

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