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Character - Shinigami

Name: Kishitani Sango (Last, First).
Age: 457
Apparent Age: 21
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Bi-curious.
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 56 kg.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Sango has a quiet frail and small body, with long light brown hair caught up in a high ponytail. Short and uneven bangs go down into her face, lengthening a bit towards the ends of both right and left sides. Her eyes are pretty big, bearing the color of dark green. A small nose matching her face, and colorless lips, her head is followed by a thin and short neck. An orange scarf is wrapped around it. A gift from her father for getting into the academy. She never seems to take it off. Her frail body is covered by the usual shinigami attire. The black shihakusho with a white shitagi on the inside.

  • Orange things
  • Noodles
  • Birds
  • Happy atmospheres
  • Listening to music ( No preferences. )

  • Rude people
  • Fighting
  • Being teased
  • Getting scolded
  • Hollows

  • She's a fast runner, which helps her in fleeing situations any kind of situation ( be it battle, work, awkward meetings, etc. ).
  • Even though she has a childish nature, her judgement is quiet right most of the time.

  • She gives off an immature attitude and definitely doesn't hesitate to let it out in front of her elders.
  • She's not a fast learner and can't understand things unless someone explains them to her over three times.
  • She's very clingy to people that seem more powerful, strong or wise than her.


Sango is a very happy-go-lucky girl. Even though she is already twenty years old, her point of view on almost anything matches that of a little kid. She always has a big and playful grin on her face, her voice leaving off a childish tone. She tends to rely on others a little bit too much sometimes, and she herself isn't that reliable. When she is needed to be serious, she will be. One such case is when she uses her zanpakuto. For some unknown reason, when her zanpakuto is unsheathed and especially in shikai, Sango's personality tends to change to that suited to her age.

When in battle, Sango will always try to get as far away from the opponent as possible. If a friend's life is in danger, she will gladly lend a hand until the ally is able to fight again. Taking advantage of her small build, she tends to get away unnoticed in major group battles. Generally, she is viewed as a coward, thus she is still unseated. Avoiding battles has nothing to do with her fighting abilities. She is of course capable of facing an opponent of her level or even a class higher than her and defeat them. The cause of her escapes is just the fear of losing her life. She treasures life more than anything, even if it's the life of her greatest opponent.

Squadron: Ninth Devision.
Rank: Seventh seat.

Before she died, she used to live with her mother in a small town, a bit further than Karakura town. Her father had died in a car accident when she was only 5 years old. She herself died from a disease. After her death, her soul was sent to soul society. She spent her first years there living with another family in Rokungai. Later on, she fortunately happened to find her deceased father, who had already climbed up the social ladder. He was part of one of the shinigami squads, in the third seat. He took her in, and enrolled her into the shinigami academy. On Sango's part, being a shinigami wasn't exactly what she had dreamed of, but she would happily do it for her father.

She barely managed to pass the entrance exam, since she was almost unable to control her spiritual power, leaving half of it hidden away without her awareness. Throughout the years she passed in the academy, she eventually learned to use her spiritual power in its full form, and finally excelled in the Kido class. Being average in Hoho and Zanjutsu, Hakuda turned out to be the most difficult thing for her. It took her nine years to graduate from the Shin'o Academy, and still, close combat continued being her weakness.

After graduating from the Academy, she was assigned into Squad Nine, in a unseated position. Despite her father's influence, she couldn't acquire a seated position, since she still wasn't strong enough. Her sixth mission was the one that changed the flow of things. From her entrance into the Ninth division and on, she could practically talk to her Zanpakuto, as well as enter her inner world. And even though both Rensa and Tori always gave her warnings, she never paid attention to the fact that she had to find out what the twin's name was. Up to that point, she could only talk to them, as well as walk on the wooden bridge. On that certain sixth mission, she was placed in a very difficult position. Her group was made up of four unseated Shinigami, going against two Hollows somewhere near the place she lived as a human. The opponents turned out to be more challenging than they had calculated. Two of the group fell quickly, living her and the other member fighting two huge Hollows. They weren't able to communicate with the Seireitei due to lack of concentration and time, and thus, help didn't come.

Everything seemed to have ended when the third member fell unconscious, leaving Sango fighting against two hollows. And at that pressed on state, she finally acquired the information she never seemed to need up till that point. "Jibun o Kaiho, Rensa no Tori!" And with that instant command, her zanpakuto released itself into two blade fans. Wind waves slashed through the exhausted Hollows, taking them down with one strike each.

The incident made her climb up to the Seventh seat of her division, giving her a good amount of reputation as "The last minute Shinigami". From then on, she only used her shikai as a last resort in battle. She trained more in the art of Hakuda, and also discovered that she could finally see the true form of her Zanpakuto, as well as walk on the water of her inner world. Eventually, she also got a position in Seireitei Tsushin, the Seireitei Monthly Magazine, as a writer of "The Relaxing Parts of Seireitei" article.

Roleplay Example:

(( A training post from a shugo chara rpg, since my character there has a pretty much similar personality with Sango xP ))

"Here's a good spot!"

Izanami did a sudden stop and a light hop, while giving out a satisfied sigh. Finally, a quiet place to train. She couldn't spot anyone else around there, and the forest trees provided a good cover. Besides, she needed a target, didn't she?

"Indeed it is a good spot. For once I agree with your quick decision, Izanami-sama."

The little guardian character, stiff and respectful as always, stopped as well, just beside Izanami's head. The girl never really understood why Miko always addressed her so formally. Whenever she asked, the chara would say that it was essential to call her that way. Something about getting used to being addressed as a proper lady from a prestigious family. Izzy didn't understand and wouldn't trouble her mind with it further more. Her eyes closed in a happy manner, and a huge grin appeared on her face, as she turned her head to her character.

"Shall we do a "chara change" then?"

"Of course."

With a small POOF sound, a small chery blossom hair pin appeared on Izanami's hair, as her face relaxed, the exited grin giving its place to calm smile. With a small gesture of her hand, a cloud of cherry blossom petals appeared out of thin air on her right hand, only to disappear after a moment, leaving a dark pink spear behind. Izanami closed her eyes, containing her calm smile, and sifted her stance, moving her right foot a step forward, putting her other hand on the spear as well and taking a slight fighting position.

"Air Slash!"

Her eyes shot open, and with a small, quick swirl, the spear unleashed a forceful wave of wind towards the tree in front of the girl, followed by a bunch of scattered cherry blossom petals. The wind slash hit the tree, and a huge scratch appeared on it. Izanami relaxed her stance once more, retrieving her right foot on its original place, and leaving her hands down, with the right one still holding the spear. Her face followed her body, reviving her small and calm smile, and closing her eyes.

"I can already see the improvement, Izanami-sama. Gentle, yet powerful. Excellent."

Miko treasured these kind of movements made by Izanami. She acted gently and calmly, just like a proper lady would. A small encouraging smile appeared on the character's face.

"Yoooshaaa! Miko-chan approves!"

Izanami's whole image suddenly changed into her energetic and childish one again, as the small hair pin and spear dissappeared, her hand in a winful fist and the smile on her face replaced by her huge happy grin. Miko gave herself a facepalm of disappointment. What was I even thinking when praising her?

Trivia: She's an article writer in Seireitei Tsushin.

Zankensoki Mastery: Intermediate.

Zanpakuto Appearance:

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
With a yellow-orange handle, Sango's zanpakuto has the form of a wakizashi. It is smaller than the average katana, and usually a supporting sword. The cause of it being a wakizashi is probably the lack of reiatsu control she has.

Zanpakuto Name: Rensa no Tori
Release Command: Jibun o kaiho, Rensa no Tori! ( Free yourself, Chained Bird! )
Spirit Appearance:

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Two blue haired and eyed twin girls, looking around the age of 16, with one wing each. With several blue colors on their airy dresses as their attire, and golden tips of jewelry. Their hair is long, reaching down just a little lower than the middle of their back. They both have a blue japanese fan on one of their hands, with golden cloud patters on them. As for their personality, the one is playful, and the other serious. That way, they send off a wind of balance. The serious one is called "Rensa" by Sango, while the other one is called "Tori". She does that with the solely purpose of knowing who is who. Their real names are not applicable.

Inner World:

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Sango's inner world is covered with a light, but it doesn't have a sun. The sea overloads the whole place, living no trace of land, except the wooden bridge, that has an end, but not a beginning. Clouds emerge from all around the sky, and seagulls can be seen flying from time to time. The shinigami is able to step on the water's surface, although that is impossible if her emotional state isn't as calm as it must be.

  • Shikai Appearance:

    [Only admins are allowed to see this image]
    (( Couldn't find an exact image, so, colors and other stuff are not accurate. ))
    When is shikai, Rensa no Tori changes its wakizashi form into two blade fans, connected with a long gold chain. Their blades are bronze, and the overall color is light blue, with golden outlines of clouds and flowers.

    Special Ability:

    Kaze o kaiho

    Its special ability is literately wind waves. It releases huge waves of wind towards the opponent that pushes them back, or it can let out slashes of wind, which might even cause serious injuries.

    Special Techniques: Not applicable.

  • Bankai Name: Not applicable.
    Bankai Appearance: Not applicable.
    Bankai Special Ability: Not applicable.

Attack: Average.
Defense: Average.
Kido: Above verage.
Mobility: Excellent.
Intelligence: Below average.
Stamina: Poor.

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2Kishitani Sango  Empty Re: Kishitani Sango on Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:51 am

Hun, that's why we have description - if the image isn't accurate. XD

Review time~!
Likes/Dislikes lack 1 more detail. Razz
Strengths/Flaws regard just battle related, which shouldn't happen: it focuses more on persona. Your character seems to be clingy, that's a flaw. Also, you need 2 more details in each.
History... I'd like it if you add some more to it. Your second paragraph is... Nothing. Also to get Shikai, one must learn the name of their Zanpakuto, and that doesn't just happen casually you know. Writing on that might help.

Other than that, I like your character. She seems cute. Very Happy

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Gawd I know the History part is lame. I was rushing it. Seriously, I don't know what's gotten into me lately... *does too many things together* Going on WIP again~

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Helloooo Smile Hows your app going?

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Just need to add one or two paragraphs in the History part and I'm done~ I'll try and finish it today ;P

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alright sounds good Smile

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I think I'm done~

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My apologies,
Kozuki Haru

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