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Tsumi Buredo (Shinigami) [RP'ing to captain]

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1Tsumi Buredo (Shinigami) [RP'ing to captain] Empty Tsumi Buredo (Shinigami) [RP'ing to captain] on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:55 pm

Character - Shinigami

Name: Tsumi Buredo
Age: 16
Apparent Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
Height: 5”11
Weight: 130 lbs.
Appearance: Tsumi Buredo weighs in at an even 130 Pounds, and stands at 5"11. Tsumi has a rather scrawny build and, much to his dismay, no matter how much he eats, he just can’t seem to gain any weight. Tsumi's white hair is mostly short, but two strands in front go down to his mouth, nearly blocking out his calm, focused eyes. In fact, Tsumi’s eyes are Dichromatic, his “normal eye” is a subtle grey, while the other is a complete negative image, the whites of the eye having turned black, while the iris turned white. As for clothing, Tsumi prefers his metal vest, metal gloves, and steel pants. Tsumi's pants are, in fact, all one piece. This is accomplished with overlapping cloth, and the attachment of metal plates. The cloth under the steel is made of a thick silk, which offers almost as much defense as steel, hence the plating. On Tsumi’s chest is the mark of Xyn, which, although crooked, he wears very proudly. Tsumi's vest is made of steel, using very small chain links in some places, so that the wearer can still move comfortably.

This set of clothes was given to Tsumi by Raxino, a descendant of Kurcet, who struck a deal with Tsumi. The deal was, if Tsumi could beat Raxino with any one weapon in the shop, he would forge him the clothes free of charge, but if he failed, he would have to work at the blacksmith shop, with no pay, for five years. Tsumi chose a sword, while Raxino chose a chain of daggers he had made himself. Tsumi, deciding that a chain of daggers was more arrogant than dangerous, easily disarmed Raxino, knocked him down, and pointed his sword at Raxino's neck, before walking away. Of course, both Tsumi and Raxino were novices back then, with no idea of how to fight.

Girls (from far away)




Friendly People

Talking to Girls

Seeing Death

Selfish actions

Being ignored







Fears Women

Personality: Tsumi is a rather strange individual. He is very sarcastic, while kind at the same time. Tsumi has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and intervenes into the simplest of conflicts. Tsumi does not understand his own mortality, and would gladly sacrifice himself for a good cause. He is a naturally brave soul, with one exception, GIRLS. Cannot talk to anything female, and usually gets a bit nervous when a girl talks to him. He knows nothing about romance so, when the topic is brought up, he becomes quiet.

Tsumi can usually withstand a girl’s presence once he gets to know them enough. Very sentimental about his life, but doesn’t really like to talk about it. Tsumi finds new motivation every time someone shows that they have genuine faith in him. Tsumi enjoys being social and talking to others. Tsumi doesn’t work well in a group he doesn’t know, but easily coordinates once he actually knows them. A clear head is the key to any win, and that’s exactly what Tsumi tells himself during every fight.

Tsumi will give anything to protect his sister, Amy. She is the only person that Tsumi can really share his feelings with. Tsumi would give anything to shield her from harm, even if it meant his own life. Tsumi does, however, tend to be overprotective of his dear sister and does not let anyone he doesn’t know near her. Tsumi has been trying for a while to learn how to cook, and always fails miserably. Shinrai, being incredibly kind, always chokes down every bite of Tsumi’s pathetic cooking. In short, the bond between Tsumi and his sister is unbreakable. Even across the bands of death, one would live on in the other’s heart.
Squadron: 11
Rank: Captain

Part 1: The Village of Peace-
Long ago, a small portion of each Nation broke away from their homes to travel away from the world. All of these villagers happened to be war veterans, or skilled warriors with only one goal in mind: To raise their children away from the violence, cruelty, and anguish that the endless wars of the world contained. To this end, this group of elite fighters travelled deep into the wilderness, past where legends and rumors say to never venture. Eventually, they came to a location where one could not hear the suffering screams of those who chose to fight, and slowly built up a planet to support their children. Of course, no village they could find had achieved the peace they longed for, so they instead chose to forge their own. This Village came to be known as "The Village of Peace".

Several generations later, these ideals had been forgotten, and replaced with the worshipping of a god of war. The children of the village were taught to slaughter anyone they did not trust, and did so without remorse. This “god” was actually a group of three ancient demons: Zo, the demon of sight, Kyn, the demon of power, and Rei, the demon of Wisdom. This group of demons was named “The dark trinity”. Each demon passed a single technique into the hands of the village of peace. These techniques became known as the “Blackheart” fighting style , as it was said that your heart had to be blacker than the darkest shadow to even think of studying these forbidden techniques. In fact, the Blackheart Techniques were so amazingly strong, that the use of a blackheart technique took a third of one’s soul, as payment.

Part 2: The Boy and the Blacksmith-

Present Day, 1000 years after the discovery of the Blackheart Jutsu…

“Wake up, Tsumi!” a small, squeaky voice said, before poking his cheek. “Amy…” Tsumi’s mother, Emyli said. “You know that this month is his hibernation cycle…” said his dad, wryly. “Awww…LAST month was his hibernation cycle!” said Amy. “EVERY month is his hibernation cycle” said Emyli, laughing. It was true, Tsumi loved sleeping. In fact, he slept so often, that many had stated he had managed to hibernate, such as an animal. “He’s awake! He’s awake!” shouted Amy, eager to feed her brother a breakfast she had personally prepared.

Tsumi rolled off his bed, and opened his eyes. Above him he saw the sun, in all its glory. Except….he didn’t remember the sun being so flat. Tsumi then became fully coherent, and realized that this “Sun” was in fact an omelet falling towards his face. Tsumi reacted by opening his mouth, and catching the omelet between his teeth. Amy laughed, and said “Nice catch. Know what day it is?” Tsumi thought for a moment, before saying “Well you made me breakfast, mom is actually here, dad actually got out of the shop, for once …….is it worshipping day, already?” Emyli laughed, “No, silly. It’s your birthday!” Tsumi yawned “That explains why I’m up before lunch.” Everyone laughed, except Tsumi’s dad, who merely decided to kick him. “Your fourteen now. That means that today is your manhood ceremony! Get up, or we’ll just substitute you with a rock. I doubt many will tell the difference.” Tsumi got up, and ran out the door, nervous about the ceremony, and excited about the after party.

“Tsumi Buredo, child whose name was given to him by the Dark Trinity, choose your profession.” Tsumi thought, allowing a tense silence to descend upon the crowd who watched. After what seemed like an eternity, he spoke. “I want to be a warrior.“ The elder spoke “You are hereby accepted into the academy of…“ His words were cut short, as at that moment, a stranger had walked into town, and had stabbed a small child. As the child screamed, the stranger spoke over him, his voice booming across the village where Tsumi lived. “You have three days.” The stranger said, ominously. “Three days before I take what is mine. Any who flee will be killed, any who remain…..will be killed painfully.” after which, he turned, and walked away. The village elder sat down, and began to elaborate on this man’s words.

“Long ago, the village was attacked by a man, who carried only a small sword. The village was burnt to the ground, and only two children survived.” Tsumi stared “So….what did they do about it?” he asked. The elder responded “good question, Tsumi. Nobody knows for sure, but what I heard was a man tried to fight back, and was brushed aside like a flea.” Tsumi looked at the ground in dismay “So what do WE do about it?” The village elder shrugged. “What CAN we do? Tsumi, you should go home. Enjoy the time with your family, while you still can.” Tsumi stood up with determination in his eyes “I’ll be in the ancestor’s forest.” He said, before running off to the forest, that all were forbidden to enter, for good reason.

This Forest was inhabited by the lingering regret of every soul that passed through it, and not all regret was passive. In many cases, people touched with the regrets would kill their families, before committing suicide. Not everything in this forest was evil, however. Some regrets were of not passing on knowledge, or the like. Now, most people can’t see regrets, but, for those who can, regrets look like large teardrops, containing the face of who created it. Tsumi looked for the face of a man whose regrets he had stumbled upon many times, a blacksmith named Kurcet. Tsumi had seen so many of Kurcet’s regrets, that after looking into one, he could sometimes communicate with him. This time, he found a regret that seemed bigger than the others (the bigger a regret was, the more it plagued that person). This regret was about 16 feet tall and 12 feet wide. Tsumi stuck his head into the tear drop, and, when he took it out, he was shocked beyond belief. Tsumi watched Kurcet exchange his soul for a sword, which carried the hope of the world upon it. When Tsumi returned to the village, he hurried to tell the elder of his findings. He burst into the elder’s house, both eager and nervous, only to find the elder had taken his own life, in his pitiful fear of what lay ahead. Tsumi fell to his knees, and actually cried for what seemed like an eternity. Tsumi finally picked himself up, looking for the sun overhead to check the time. The sun was rising. “Only two days left” Tsumi said, before passing out on the floor.

When he next woke up, the sun was close to setting. Tsumi walked out of the elder’s house, and back into the forest of regret. “KURCET!” he shouted repeatedly. “Where are you?!” Kurcet responded “Child, what could you possibly need at a time like this? Go spend time with your family, while you still can.” Tsumi simply replied “Where’s the sword you made for that warrior?” Kurcet looked Tsumi in the eye, and said “That sword was meant for killing the stranger.” To which Tsumi replied “I know. That’s why I want it.” Kurcet was taken aback. “You can’t kill him! He’s invincible!” Tsumi smiled, not in a happy way, but in a vampire way. “No, it’s not that he was too strong, it’s that the LAST moron behind your sword got cocky, and paid the price. I won’t fail, I swear.” Kurcet sighed. “Very well. It’s in the chamber of the Dark Trinity. If you can survive whatever they have in store, I’m sure you’ll come out just fine. The chamber is behind the elder’s house.” Tsumi walked away from the forest, and into the chamber of the dark trinity.

Inside, there were voices everywhere, as if the whole world was speaking at once, all trying to call for help, while being strangled. He continued deeper into the chamber, clutching his ears to dampen the horrific screams, until finding three Altars, inside a giant room. On the first altar, on the left side of the room, was engraved “Zo”, On the second altar, just ahead of where Tsumi was standing, was engraved “Kyn”, and on the final altar, on the right side of the room, was engraved “Rei”.

Tsumi spoke their names “Zo. Kyn. Rei. Please, if you can hear me, please help me.” The Dark trinity themselves acknowledged his plea. The three altars burst into flame, all at once. Instead of demons, however, he saw three humans, each in a black cloak, with their hoods up. They spoke “WHO DISTURBS OUR SLUMBER?! Oh. It’s YOU.” Tsumi became confused. “I’ve never met any of you in my life. And why are your hoods up?” Zo chuckled “He can see us now. Little Z has grown up.” Tsumi looked to see any sign of deception from her. He found none. “M-My name is Tsumi Buredo. Not Z.” it was Kyn who spoke this time, “Defeat that stranger, and we will tell you more, little Z.” Tsumi nodded, before remembering what he had come to ask for. “I need the Stained Soul.” All three laughed. “The Stained Soul? The blade that the old blacksmith traded his soul for? Very well.” The ground began to shake, and a large rock, in the shape of a mirror detached itself from the ground, and floated in front of Tsumi. “But on one condition. Should you fail, your soul belongs to us.” Tsumi touched his hand to the rock that was floating in front of him. “Deal.” On the flat surface of the rock appeared the words “Let this deal be sworn with blood from both parties” The dark trinity now stood on the other side of the mirror-rock. They all put their hands on it, and a sharp, needle-shaped point cut into each person’s hand. Judging by the grimaces on the faces of the dark trinity, it had been a very long time since they had suffered pain. The mirror then shattered, leaving only the Stained Soul in its place. “Go, little hero.” Said Rei, fondly.

Part 3: The Battle-

Tsumi spent most of the time before the stranger came back training. Tsumi spent the last hour sleeping, and when the time came to fight, he was nowhere near rested. Tsumi met the stranger in front of the village, sword in hand. The stranger said to him “You wish to fight? Very well, but loss of life will be your own accountability.” Tsumi smirked “Especially yours.” The stranger drew his katana, which grew to twice its length, and a horizontal blade now sat between the middle and the top, forming a cross. “Well, at, least it’s not on fire.” Said Tsumi, as the blade caught fire. Tsumi took a moment to admire The Stained Soul.

Tsumi Buredo (Shinigami) [RP'ing to captain] The_st11

Tsumi sighed in annoyance. “Let’s see what the Stained Soul is capable of…” The stained soul had a variety of effects on Tsumi. 1, it gave him enough motivation to realize that he could indeed beat this guy. 2, It discolored one of his eyes, making it a complete negative image of the other.

Tsumi swung his blade in an overhead slash, which was blocked, and parried the stranger’s attack. The stranger smirked. “looks like you’re not completely incompetent, like the last one” Tsumi landed an uppercut. “I’d like to think so.” The stranger, not to be defeated by such a young warrior, decided to step it up a notch. “Blackheart technique: Draconic Sword!” Shouted the stranger, confidently. The stranger’s sword melded into a large, living dragon, which coiled around the entire village, and breathed a stream of flame into the center. Tsumi, in a focused rage, was now entirely determined annihilate this stranger. Tsumi jumped right into the dragon’s mouth, and as soon as he was sucked into the digestive tract, he began to destroy the dragon. Now, the dragon’s digestive tract moves anything inside it slowly backwards. Tsumi held his sword straight up, and began spinning head-over-heels, which effectively formed a poor man’s buzz-saw. This cut the dragon in half, due to it’s own digestive tract. Due to sheer momentum, however, Tsumi also managed to severely wound the stranger. The stranger laughed, which caused the blood to splatter on the ground in large pools. "You haven't won yet. Not by a longshot!" said the stranger, fully immersed in, and loving, the feeling of battle.

Tsumi replied by cutting off the stranger's right hand (as lucky as Tsumi was, the stranger was left-handed). The stranger was smiling, now. He trembled, in what seemed to be pure hatred, combined with absolute bliss. "So, it's true. Z has returned." Tsumi ran his blade through the stranger's stomach "I don't know why people call me that, but i do know one thing. MY NAME IS TSUMI BUREDO." he said, before ripping the blade straight upwards, effectively cutting the stranger in half. Tsumi ran into the burning village, determined to save anyone and everyone he could find. Everyone he found, however, had already abandoned themselves to the flames. He searched and searched, before one person, the only one so far still coherent, told him that his family had taken refuge in the forest of Ancestors. Tsumi, now afraid for the lives of his family, ran into the forest.

Dodging regrets here and there, he called for his family. "AMY! MOM! DAD!" he shouted. "Tsumi...." said Amy, from behind him, sounding more like a zombie, and less like his sister. "Tsumi..." Said his mom, also talking slowly. "Tsumi...." Said Tsumi's dad, also slowly (not too different from the way he talked, actually...). Tsumi turned, and saw each one holding serrated knives. They walked toward him, slowly and ominously. Emyli threw her knife directly at Tsumi's head, before rushing at him, hands in a position to choke. Tsumi's reaction was automatic, he didn't react as fast as his hands did. He looked down, and saw his own sword through the heart of his mother. He pulled out the sword, and his mother continued to rush at him. He then made a sudden realization: This was not his family, not anymore. He completely dismembered his family, limb by agonizing limb, and walked slowly toward the Dark Trinity's Chamber, which lay on the outskirts of the village.

Part 4: The Truth-

“Why did you call me Z? That’s not my name.” said Tsumi, to which Kyn replied “Not in this life. Let me tell you a little story. In a different universe, you were regarded as a hero. That hero’s name was Z; however, that hero was ALSO a man reborn. The very original went by the name of Project Z. Project Z’s soul was cut into 26 pieces, with each piece being put into a separate being. Each individual Project was supposed to develop their skills as much as they could, and then, once they had reached their full potential, their portion of the soul was put into a super powerful being, known as CHAOS. The rest of that story, however, is for another time. The SECOND Z created the blackheart fighting style, and, as his final act of heroism, used all three to save the girl he loved. However, during his dying minutes, he found out a horrible truth. Project Z’s soul was doom to cross different realities, all the while doomed to fail.

Anyway, Z created us so that the blackheart jutsu would not be misused, but he himself had to abide by the rules. We, as thanks for bringing us into existence, put him back together, moved him to a different universe, and renamed him Tsumi. You are Tsumi, the sin who will break the chain of failure. That mark that you wear on your chest is the mark of Xyn. Xyn is the process in which the soul is broken up and mended, and always leaves a mark. The mark usually ends up as a scar, unless it happened on a large scale, or more than once. Now, BOTH of those instances happened to you, and thus, your crystal mark was created.” Tsumi looked surprised. “Thanks for everything. I had better be going…” Zo stopped him “You still owe us your soul, boy. The village and its inhabitants were burned to the ground.” Tsumi smiled “No, I don’t. Our bargain was for me to defeat the stranger, not to save the village.” The dark trinity all laughed as hard as they could. “Well done child, come back if you need any help.” Tsumi nodded “thanks.” Kyn spoke “oh, and by the way, don’t come back.”

Present Day:

Tsumi certainly had the resolve to leave the ashes of his village, but now, a specific problem presented itself: How was Tsumi going to get anywhere else? Tsumi was currently engaged in climbing the highest mountain within a 50 mile radius. Perhaps, if he could get high enough, he could exit the planet from there. However, another problem had presented itself. White creatures had begun to infest his village, and were attacking him by the thousands. He had not hesitated to fight back, but it appeared that his attacks were not working. In fact, they seemed to be stronger after every attack he launched. Tsumi had holed up for three days, trying to find a way to defeat these things. He had tried trapping them, stabbing them, hurling things at them, and even burning them. Nothing worked.

“If only I had the power of the village elders… What did they call it, again?” He said, aloud. “Er….Kido? Yes, that’s it, Kido!” He reached the halfway point of his journey, a flat outcropping, about 15 feet long, where a particularly small white creature was lazily running about. “Now….what was that spell……Oh yes!” He pointed his hand at the black creature, and shouted “Kido Number 1: Sai!” Instead of having any effect, however, it merely backfired, inflicting a small wound on his chest. The small black creature, turned toward him, staring at him with it’s wide, yellow eyes. It stared at him for a moment, before leaping at his head. He ducked, sending the black creature over the edge of the cliff. Over the side, Tsumi could see a large black cloud gathering at the mountain’s base. Upon further inspection, Tsumi could see thousands of white dots swarming within the cloud. The white creatures were preparing to attack.

Tsumi resumed climbing as fast as his legs would carry him, while the white cloud slowly consumed the mountain. He reached the top, gasping in horror at the village’s new appearance. The white cloud had not come chasing him, it was searching for something. Every other mountain in sight was being consumed by a cloud of the same caliber, leaving the mountain blacker than the cloud itself. The clouds of darkness all began to recede. Whatever they were searching for, they had found.

“What are you doing up here, child?” said a voice behind Tsumi. “Zo….where are Kyn and Rei?” Zo Blackheart sighed. “They were lost to these white creatures, known as Hollows. They can no longer maintain the delicate balance between self-control and darkness.” Tsumi looked toward his village, which he had named “The Ashes of Peace”. “They’re gathering there. Whatever they were looking for, they found it.” Zo gasped in shock. “Z! Do you remember how to fight the Hollows?” Tsumi shook his head no. “Very well. Allow my soul to grace your blade, and receive the knowledge of how to fight the darkness.” Zo began to glow, and shattered, like glass. The Stained Soul began to shake, and took on a black hue. “It’s your very own Zanpakuto” Said his sword. “Zanpakuto?” Tsumi asked. “I’ll explain later.” His sword replied, before regaining the silence of it’s Stained Steel.

Tsumi slid down the mountainside, swinging his blade at Hollows left and right. He was, to his own surprise, finally capable of damaging the Hollows. He ran toward the Ashes of Peace, killing as many hollows as he could. To his dismay, however, for each hollow he destroyed, two stronger ones took it’s place. There were simply too many. Tsumi eventually took to avoiding them, killing only in self-defense, until he arrived at the Ashes of Peace. There, the hollows were too busy swarming into the blackheart’s cave to notice him.

Tsumi followed, sneaking through the crowd of heartless that endlessly sieged the cave. “YES…..more…..MORE……bring us MORE DARKNESS!” He heard, from the cave’s inner sanctum. “We will defeat the traitor known as Zo……and take the Village of Peace for ourselves! Once we do that, we will sail the universe, spreading the darkness to ALL worlds!” Tsumi ran in, swatting half a dozen hollows to the side. “Zo was right….you have lost control, both of you.” He saw both Kyn and Rei fused into a gooey mass of darkness. They spoke together, in a hybrid of both their voices. “No, child, we have reached enlightenment. We know now that the darkness is not something to shun, but something to accept!” They shouted, coughing up giant blobs of black matter. “You’re wrong! You’ve been corrupted beyond salvation…” The giant hybrid laughed. “It is you who is beyond salvation, child. You refuse to accept darkness, thus, you must be consumed by it! You must be consumed by us….The Blackhollow!”

The giant creature sent a small tendril at Tsumi, cutting straight to his heart. Once his heart was exposed, a flash of light consumed the visual spectrum. When the light died down, he found himself on a very large pillar, which appeared to be made of Stained Glass, which formed a picture of himself. “A picture of me on stained glass…..i could get used to this!” He said, taking a fighting stance. The Blackheartless also took a very gooey fighting stance, sending several more tendrils toward Tsumi, which he cut with his Stained Soul. “I see… THIS is your inner world!” said the large gooey mass. “Inner world?” Tsumi said, curiously. “Indeed it is. Every Zanpakuto has an inner world, one that it shows to it’s wielder when it deems them worthy. However, today, we have invaded it, as your Zanpakuto has not yet finished constructing it’s Inner world. Enjoy it while you can, as it will soon sate the hunger of the eternal darkness!”
The Blackhollow lunged at Tsumi, engulfing him in dark tendrils. Tsumi fought the darkness, writhing and slicing every which way, but he knew it was no use. “Use your light!” Shouted his sword. Tsumi focused on his light, allowing it to engulf his being. The Blackhollow spat him out, writhing in pain, it’s black tentacles receding, leaving two Blackhearts in it’s place. Each of them glowed with a black aura, which inflicted a feeling of dread on Tsumi. “Don’t be afraid! Let your light be your weapon!” His sword shouted. Tsumi closed his eyes, engulfing himself in light. He opened his eyes once more, his eyes both glowing different colors. His normal eye began to glow white, as the eye in negative image began to glow red. “My light is my power…..and you won’t take it from me!”

The stained glass pillar shattered, the pieces flowing into his sword. He swung his sword, which was now engulfed in a pillar of light, and brought it down upon the blackhearts. They screamed in pain, and a flash of darkness let him know that they had receded from his heart. He was safe, but his planet was not. The blackhearts turned and, joining hands, they walked into a glowing keyhole behind them. “You lose, Z.” They said, as a loud rumbling shook the entire village. “I’m afraid my power has run out, Z. Your sword will return to normal, soon. However, with practice, you may eventually be able to once again defeat the hollows. Your Zanpakuto is alive, and has a name of it’s own. Once you trust it, and it trusts you, it shall reveal it’s name to you, and add it’s power to yours. Good luck.”

“I understand.” Tsumi said, as the hollows finally overcame the village. A large hole formed in the sky, and all living things were sucked out. Tsumi’s vision began to blur, as the hole in the sky enlarged. Tsumi felt….strange, as if a wave of bitter sadness had overcome him, followed by thousands of prickling needles, all over his skin. Finally, a figure appeared to Tsumi, a woman who identified herself as an angel, of sorts. However, rather than white robes, wings, and a staff, this woman appeared to be carrying a sword, and dressed in black. The woman said to him “Shall we go?”

Before giving him time to answer her question, she plunged her blade into his heart. Tsumi tried to scream, but no sound came out. Instead, a light of sorts engulfed him. When it died down, he found himself alone, dressed in the same black garb as the woman. “There’s no time for formalities. We need to get out of here. NOW!” His newfound sword, taking the form of a concealed blade on his wrist, said to him, urgently.

Roleplay Example:

"Your suffering's pointless! We have already won. The vulnerable state this world is in now…. only invites ATTACK!" said Z's father, holding Z up by the neck. "While your focus has been on preventing CHAOS's rebirth, my armies have already attacked, and acquired EVERY PART of project CHAOS. They're near, and once they arrive, CHAOS's final purpose will be fulfilled: The destruction of all creation." he threw Z on the ground, and stabbed his claws through Z's heart. Z's father's eyes lit up, and turned to project W, who lay on the ground in a near-lifeless heap. "Is there anything more painful than seeing those in love die?" he flashed above W, fully intent on ridding her of her life. Z jumped at his father, attempting to protect his loved one, and actually managed to damage his father, however, Z found himself hanging from the tip of a long sword by his heart. Z could only manage one sentence before the pain overcame him. "Can you keep up?"

Z began to move at breakneck speeds, tossing aside his katana, so as to focus his strength on his larger sword. He swung and swung, although what he was hitting even he didn't know. How W managed it was a mystery. W.....the one he loved. The one who's soul wouldn't even pass to the afterlife should he fail. Then, a realization hit him harder than W ever did. "I am going to die." Z realized. "But, if I’m gonna die, I had better make my last few minutes really count." Z stopped behind his father, and reached into his very soul, and grabbed something that seemed somehow familiar. His eyes turned jet black, and a voice said to him "Who are you? where am i NOW? sorry, you have no idea how long it's been since someone talked to me. My name is Syn, but you can call me CHAOS." "Chaos, huh?" Z said to himself, before allowing the power of CHAOS to slowly power up his sword......

Z, as his body stretched it’s own limits, began to get the strangest sense of Déjà vu. Syn/CHAOS laughed. “You mean you didn’t know? This is the fifth time you’ve done this! You’ve been stuck in this same loop for five lifetimes!” Z was awestruck.
“Why didn’t you tell the me before?”
“I did. You didn’t believe me.”
“I’m not sure I believe you now.”
“Never mind that. Aren’t there bigger problems to take care of?”

Z’s father had also been collecting power, and had just finished. Z’s father smiled, his left hand enveloped in darkness, his blood veins having been cut open, solidifying into raw energy. This energy was nothing natural, in fact, it was quite the opposite. This was what Z’s father came to call “Tainted Power”. Tainted Power was given it’s name from the sheer amount of malicious intent forced into the body. In fact, Tainted Power’s energy was so hugely unstable, it would usually explode on contact, if not sooner. This explosion released all of the evil intent inside the energy, corrupting anything it touched. Z never saw it coming. Z’s father released all of his energy at once in a final, brutal blast. The Tainted Power formed a black dome, which expanded outward at high speed. Z, as he looked down, could see black vines snake up his legs, consuming them completely. Z could see his legs disintegrate, the feeling to them being replaced by a bitter cold. The disintegration spread up Z’s torso, which would eventually consume him completely. Z’s mind raced, as his lower torso was being consumed by corruption. “Ok, assuming you ARE right, how can I get the message across to the NEXT Z?” He said, internally. “This may or may not work, but it’s your only chance to break the chain. You need to physically pass your soul on, and reincarnate yourself as a being other than Project Z.”

Z swallowed, knowing CHAOS was right. He looked down, seeing his chest being consumed. He used the same technique he used on his father, reaching into what was left of himself. He grabbed his mostly-complete soul, and, pouring a prayer into it, threw it across the void, along with some of his father’s tainted power. This tainted power, of course, became the Dark Trinity. The soul followed the power, and became Tsumi Buredo.

Zankensoki Mastery:
Tsumi has focused his skills mostly on Weaponry and Speed.

Zanpakuto Appearance:
Sealed Appearance:

Tsumi Buredo (Shinigami) [RP'ing to captain] Lineage_Hidden_Blade

NOTE:[b] Tsumi does not know his shikai OR bankai yet.

Zanpakuto Name:
Senshoku Tamashi. (Yes, I used a full name, as the woman who stabbed him became his blade.)

  • Release Command: “Open your eyes…”

    Spirit Appearance: Tsumi describes Senshoku as a “Gothic Beauty”. She has long, black hair, that stretches down to her legs. On this hair, there is a white flame design, which rises from the bottom. Her skin is very pale, which only complements her other features. She has green eyes, and black makeup, which takes the design of painted-on tears, which comes from the outer side of each eye. Black lipstick covers her lips, almost masking the two white fangs that jut out from her upper lip, due to a slight overbite. Next to her face, two silver earrings in the shape of W’s gleam brilliantly.

    Senshoku wears a black gown, with a white spider web design that encompasses the entire dress. The gown is that of a wedding dress, save for lack of occasion. The dress is quite modest, covering up her entire body, save for face, feet, and hands. On her feet, she wears silver slippers, which are encrusted with diamonds. On her hands, she wears two rings on each hand, a black and a white ring for both. These rings are placed to alternate both color and finger, thus, they are placed as follows. A white on her left middle finger, and a black on her left pointer, and the opposite on her right. Her nails are flat, but hide a dark secret. Her nails conceal razor sharp claws, which pierce the skin of her fingertips when in use.

    Although preferring a darker style, Senshoku is rather cheery, preferring to be optimistic about things she does, and things around her.

    Inner World: A black forest, with a grey sky. The trees in this forest are all black, with iridescent white leaves that blow in a nonexistent wind. The ground also takes on a pitch black hue, with white lines that give definition. Any plant life that is to be seen takes on the same pattern as the trees: Black base, with white leaves. Rather than a sun or moon in the sky, there is a large, flaming Z that hangs low in the west, and on the horizon, various Japanese characters can be seen raining into the edges of the world. This world can only be compared to a child’s drawing, as this world was corrupted before it could be finished.

    In the center of the forest lies a tower, wherein resides Senshoku Tamashi, the spirit of Tsumi’s Zanpakuto. This tower is made entirely of stained glass, the colors of which change with Senshoku’s mood. The tower spans 300 floors, towering past the blood red clouds that float above this world. Now, Senshoku’s mood affects the weather patterns and general makeup of the entire inner world. For example, if she becomes sad, it will begin to rain. However, the rain in this world is not water. In this world, it rains blood. If Senshoku becomes angry, parts of the forest will begin to catch fire, and so on.

  • Shikai Appearance:
    Shikai Appearance:ae44:

    Tsumi Buredo (Shinigami) [RP'ing to captain] The_st12

    Special Ability:
    Singe- Leaves a 2nd degree burn on any flesh it touches

    Special Techniques:

    • Daggertail- The back of the sword opens, and lets out a 10 foot long chain of small blades, which, when not used, are stored inside the handle.

      Forever hold your peace: Any who come in contact with Tsumi’s blade, in it’s released form (save for Tsumi himself), lose control of their vocal chords, as long as they remain in contact with the blade itself. When released, full control instantly returns.

  • Bankai Name: Slaughter’s Pride
    Bankai Appearance:

    Tsumi Buredo (Shinigami) [RP'ing to captain] Tsumi_10

    Bankai Special Ability: Tsumi's sword absorbs into his hand, creating a black, flaming claw, which takes up the entirety of Tsumi's right hand. Now, this hand heats itself to such a degree, that it melts any living tissue, and slices through it like butter. (Takes 3 seconds to go through bone) Also, in addition to his hand, the right side of Tsumi’s body turns black, and his right eye turns red. To top it all off, The black flames also take the form of wings, which grow out of Tsumi’s back.

Attack: 100
Defense: 100
Kido: 150
Intelligence: 50

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Sorry bud but
1. your appearence you said that your weight and height are different than what they say above
2. your history and roleplay example are switched around
3. To be a captain you MUST have know the name of your shikai and have a bankai

Once you get those finished you have my 1/2 (unofficial approval)

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You have recieved Airo's
Tsumi Buredo (Shinigami) [RP'ing to captain] Seal-of-approval

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This set of clothes was given to Tsumi by Raxino, a descendant of Kurcet, who struck a deal with Tsumi. The deal was, if Tsumi could beat Raxino with any one weapon in the shop, he would forge him the clothes free of charge, but if he failed, he would have to work at the blacksmith shop, with no pay, for five years. Tsumi chose a sword, while Raxino chose a chain of daggers he had made himself. Tsumi, deciding that a chain of daggers was more arrogant than dangerous, easily disarmed Raxino, knocked him down, and pointed his sword at Raxino's neck, before walking away. Of course, both Tsumi and Raxino were novices back then, with no idea of how to fight.
This whole paragraph has got nothing to do with appearance...

You're missing 1 flaw.

Your history is a role-play thread. And, you kind of exaggerated it. A lot, in my opinion. The entire first and second paragraph of chapter 2, for example, has a lot of irrelevant information.

I'm going to reject the whole 'alternate universe hero' deal, simply because that really is too much.

Zanpakuto are granted only to Shinigami, not regular humans or souls. Per history, you only became one at the end of it.

Zanpakuto are reflections of your soul, not people. I find it hard to believe a living woman became the reflection of your soul.
. . . . . . .
Overall, your character seems pretty solid. However, your history involves way too many elements never mentioned, and barely any that match this universe. It would be better if it didn't seem so much like an actual role-play thread - and if all that didn't just happen so suddenly.

I'm sorry, I can't accept this profile for Captain spot.
I'll let a different staff member give their judgement on approval or not.

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This character is still in the process of being modded. If you choose to take this character, you will need to edit/revise/fix any mistakes/errors/complications. Once approved by 2 mods it will be moved to "approved characters", yours, and ready to start RPing. If your willing to take time to tend to this apps needs than go to the "character adoption sign up" topic and follow the dorections there.
This character has been approved by 1 mod and still needs the approval of a 2nd mod to be active/ready.

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