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Technique Template

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1Technique Template Empty Technique Template on Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:31 am


Name: The name of your technique. Make sure you follow the theme of your character: Shinigami techniques are Japanese, Quincy techniques are German and so on.
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supportive, Limit. Most techniques shown are offensive, like Getsuga Tenshō or Licht Regen, while defensive are things like Urahara's Chikasumi no Tate or Dankū. Support techniques include Orihime's Sōten Kisshun and the classic Sonidò. Limit techniques are releases of powers.
Class: Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Hōhō, Reiatsu.
Race: If available to simply everyone, post 'N/A' here. If, however, it is for your specific race or any specific races, list them. Even unique techniques like Fullbring exclusive are listed, as their respective race (Fullbring-related is Human).
Form: If you can use the technique without some stage of release, post 'Stage 0'. If it requires your first release, post 'Stage 1'. If it requires your second, post 'Stage 2'. All racial techniques are Stage 0, while all Ressureccion or Shikai are Stage 1.

Uniqueness: Yes/No. Means here if the technique is exclusive only to a certain person or not.
Description: Full detail is required here. Describe everything about your technique that is necessary: appearance, full effect, stance etc. Make us seem like we're watching your technique in work. At least 1 paragraph of 6 sentences.
Incantation: EVERY Reiatsu technique needs an incantation, even if as short as possible. Even if you're just screaming out the technique name. You should also note some techniques can be done with incantations after the move.

Thread of Work: This will be updated by the staff that approved your technique for training; You don't just suddenly know everything about it in-character. Once your thread is complete, post it here as another message and if it's sufficient, staff will approve and paste it here. Only once that is done you can actually use the technique in RP. Application techniques do not require this section.

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