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Character Adoption Rules

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1Character Adoption Rules Empty Character Adoption Rules on Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:43 pm

To start off, Adopting a character means you gain all there original stats, possesions, have to continue their RPs if started, or even finish their app if not done and approved already. Adopting a charater won't be as easy as if you were going to the shop and buying something. It will take a full, detailed, complete app to even get the chance to Adopt a character. But don't worry its not as long as it sounds.
-When Adopting these criteria must be met;
*Must have been a member here for at least 3 weeks to a month depending on your RPing skills.
*Must have a post count of at least 30 posts.
*Must be and have been active for at least 3-5 weeks.
*Must have enough Yen before applying for an Adoption.
*Your original character must have been already approved.
*Special permission to ignore these criteria may happens but rarely.
-When Adopting these rules must be followed;
*Complete the entire app for Adopting.
*Respect all staff members during modding session. (Please do so anyways, always)
*Follow the criteria completely. (With some exceptions)
*If approved with the Adoption; you must stay in-character when using the character, fix or update needed information, continue or finish any Rps that are in progress, and keep to the Forums original rules. NO god modding or power hungry behavior is tolerated. If the character you adopted has high stats, cool for you.
*No ones allowed to own more than 2 Adopted characters.
*If your character was put in here you may get the chance to re-obtain it.
*There is no holding! First come first serve!
*The Forums main approving rules still apply here. You need 2 mods approval.
This will be updated soon.

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