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Ichigo Kurosaki Jr.

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1Ichigo Kurosaki Jr. Empty Ichigo Kurosaki Jr. on Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:11 pm

Name: Kurosaki Jr. , Ichigo
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Interested In: Women
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 134 ibs
Appearance: Ichigo looks like a normal teenage boy, except that his hair is spiky orange, a trait that he has been ridiculed about for years on end. He is a fairly tall, lean-built young man with peach skin and brown eyes. He likes to wear tight clothes on top and bottom. He has a tendency to wear shirts patterned with the number 15, because his name is a homonym for the number,and he's a human with Shinigami powers
Likes: number 15,music,pizza
Dislikes: jerks
Strengths: He is a good swordsman
Flaws:He cannot stand Hollows
Personality: As a teenager, Ichigo's personality is much more complex. Stubborn, short-tempered,strong-willed and impulsive. He attempts to maintain a detached and "cool" image,despite claiming not to care about what other people think about him. He generally keeps his face set in a near-permanent scowl,with his eyebrows drawn together. His outspoken,hot-headed demeanor is a trait Ichigo himself has acknowledged, and that if somebody picks a fight with him, he cannot help fighting back. He coldly refers to his teachers as “instructors”. However, he is shown to be genuinely compassionate and empathetic towards others, as seen by him promising to bring a Plus flowers and a toy plane or soothing others when they become upset.
Occupation: Highschool
Wepon: Tensa Zagetus

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2Ichigo Kurosaki Jr. Empty Re: Ichigo Kurosaki Jr. on Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:20 pm

I have a couple questions about this..
Did you read the character app/template for shinigami? There's a code at the bottom of the page and I suggest you put this into that form. And also it sounds too much like ichigo, I can't sound too much like a canon character. A canon is an already made anime character that is in a anime or manga.

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3Ichigo Kurosaki Jr. Empty Re: Ichigo Kurosaki Jr. on Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:30 am

I am going to ultimately reject the sole idea here.

Thread locked.

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