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Deadman Wonderland RPG (realm of chaos)

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1 Deadman Wonderland RPG (realm of chaos) on Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:47 pm



While a large amount of the populace is unaware of these mutants known as Deadmen to those who know of their existence it has been deemed that they would all be contained and eventually all die out. All were hunted down and found by the government and given heinous crime accusations if they hadn't actually committed a crime and all were given life sentences. These Deadmen were all shipped off to the newly created super prison in Japan known as Deadman Wonderland, to most people this is just a punny name for the harsh environment of a prison.

The Chief, a powerful and high ranking government official and one of Japan's leaders, is the owner, operator, funder, and creator of Deadman Wonderland and charged with the task of running it and promised immortal fame for stopping a world of mutants upon the last mutants death. The Chief accepted and began a harsh rule over the prison using the prisoners as dogs for sport and entertainment. So is born the sport of Carnival Corpse and other prison events, designed to reward the prisoners with great prizes and Cast Points...except in all reality they are designed to slowly end the race of the blood virus Deadmen.

A rebel group has formed within the walls of the prison, based in B block, Scar Chain. This group has the sole purpose of exposing Deadman Wonderland as it's true form and to expose the great atrocity to the world. The mutants being made free is only a small part of it, the destruction of the super prison is the main goal.

Rumors abound from a leaky officer that has been long since silenced that a great and powerful monster, capable of killing anything and everything in Deadman Wonderland simultaneously rests within it's bowels. The beast known as The Wretched Egg is hinted upon and covered by death. Does it really exist?

Meanwhile in the sinister labs of Block E a great and horrible thing has come to fruition. The Chief funded a secret project without realizing it. His heinous acts created a monstrous group of forgeries, fake Deadmen, that had the abilities of the original...only instead of using their blood as a weapon, primarily the forgeries use their blood as augmentations with weapons as a secondary ability. It is unknown if the Chief even yet realizes he signed off on this massive use of his even more vast total wealth.

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