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{Arc 1} ~Begenning with the End!~

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1{Arc 1} ~Begenning with the End!~ Empty {Arc 1} ~Begenning with the End!~ on Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:02 pm

As the days go by, souls come and go from the World of the Living, Soul Reapers training to become stronger, life and death is reaccuring, resurecting anew out of the ashs of the old, this is the Begenning! The Begenning of the End!
The End:
The entire Seireitei has been demolished long ago by rouge hollows and their King! They came in with much spite and fury, they destroyed the inhabitants of this celestial, feudal home of soul reapers and.the souls in general. The census count of the souls of the Rukongai have dropped dramatically after this 200 year war now named, "The great Soul Reapers Bane" War. Souls were stolen and eaten, soul reapers killed or injured to such an extent, they were forced to retire. A unexpected allie rose up to help the Soul Reapers in their quest of defeating the enemy, this man was a bount named Raizen. He lived longer than most humans but was slowley dying of hunger, helping the Soul Reapers with not only his power but the powers of the other bounts too! Soon after the War had come to a hault. A 50yr pause. All but a few are now begenning to rebuild the Seireitei to try to match it to its former glory. What shall they do about this great loss? Having a small amount od Souls living in the Rukongai isn't considerd good, hollows are becomming stronger by the second, multipling, will their be peace or will there be blood shed?
The Begenning:
A new generation has been born and is in the process of becoming the next Captains, Lieutenants, Seated Officers, Inhabitants. Build, Train, Clean, Build, Train, Clean. This is now the schedule of the new generation, some people have already passed and graduated from the Soul Reaper Acadmy and are now begenning to take charge of theirr commerades. After the 200 year war, 50 years passed by in peace and silence. That silence led to the construcion of the Soul Society, a general sense of unease pass through the Soul Society now and then like a small whisper of the wind. Is there an enemy brewing in the pot of silent, peacful, revenge? Let's wait and see.

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