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Fourm Rules

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1Fourm Rules Empty Fourm Rules on Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:52 pm

Updated by Sango.

Starting Out.


When making an account, make it as your character's name or nickname. Please try to use capitalization and spacing if you have a last name. When you register, please make sure you read all of the rules so that we can avoid running into problems with your application. This site is not for anyone under the age of 13. If you are younger than 13, we will ask if you have parent permission to be on here, because this site allows swearing, sexual relationships (with warnings on the topics) and violence.

Code of Approval.

Just to be sure everyone reads the rules before applying, we are going to make up a code of approval. You have to read the Rules one by one to be able to find the code of approval. When you find it and have read the rules, then you can start making your app. The code will change every now and then.

Character Creations.

Custom characters on the site MUST follow these rules when making their character. Your character cannot be related in any way to any of the cannons from the original fandom. If you want your character to be in one of the noble families, then we will expect a really well made application and a good history description. And absolutely no Mary Sues/Gary stus. Everyone knows that Bleach isn't exactly a perfectly power balanced universe, but please do your best to balance your characters.

Canon Characters.

You are allowed to be any of the character's from Bleach. We will be strict about this, though. If you are trying to be a canon, you must make a roleplay sample specifically for that character so we can see how you RP with them. It must be a sample that shows how you would fight as them, how you would react in a pressing situation or a daily life one. If you are willing to, then it would be awesome if you could write all of them down, either as one roleplaying sample, or a three different ones. Canon characters MUST stay in character. We have the right to strip you of your character if you do not act them out properly. Be sure to consider that the plot of this site is based on an alternative universe. The original Bleach rules still apply, but many events that happened in the series, haven't happened in here. Thus, Shinigami Cannon captains/Vice Captains may not be captains, while others might be in a different squads. Also, relationships between canons aren't official either. It will all depend on what the players decide for the characters they have taken up.


Face claiming is a very helpful thing. If by you re using an already existing character -be it from an anime, manga, a real life series/movie, etc.-, you'll have to post a face claim so that no one else can take up the character you have chosen.


Please be Active! If your leaving tell us! If you plan on deleting a character, inform the staff. As for posting activity, you must make at least one post every month. When there is a personal or real life problem, them please inform one of the stuff members also, so that we won't ban you or anything alike. An inactive account will be deleted after six months of no-posting, or being online.

Gif Signatures.

Gif Signatures must go into spoilers. This is only to prevent the site from getting slower and slower.


Multiple Characters.

When it comes to making characters, we are pretty lenient. We will allow you to be one canon character, and as many custom characters as you like. Of course there are some restrictions. You must have a 60 post record on your first character to start making secondary. Except for human characters, more than three characters of each species are not allowed. You must also be active with all of your characters.



This is a leveled roleplaying site, which means we do not allow "Text Talk" ( Sometimes referred to as "Speed RP" )

For example:

This is not allowed:

'she wlkd in2 da town.'
'she looks 4 da noise.'

No- gtg, ttyl, ttyt, l8er, h8r, in2, da, 4get, lmfao, ect.
(These are allowed in the chat and when you PM someone.)
Also, please mind the commonly mistaken grammatical errors and apostrophes. ( your, you're, yours, etc. )

This is allowed:

Yuka walked down the bustling streets of the town. Her curious eyes scanned the area, looking for the source of that weird noise she had heard some minutes ago. Could it have been an animal? But it didn't really sound like that. It was more of crashing sound. A fight perhaps? The thought made her blank face lighten up with a happy grin. Oh how she loved fights!


*NO GODMODDING, No one has this privilege not even the Staff! So neither do you! Don't do it! For anyone that isn't aware of what godmodding is, here is a link to more information. )

Love Relationships.

Character relationships are allowed. Try to keep it PG13, if you can't help yourself, each couple can do only one 'Lemon' topic every couple months. Threads with adult content in then should have the " L " symbol in their title.


You cannot kill a member unless you both agreed to it or you got the character owner's approval. It's not cool getting killed without knowing about it. No instant killing! Death matches ARE allowed, but there must be consent between both characters, and the topic title must include "Death Match" in it. *If you are dead and used to be human you can turn into a hollow/soul in the Rukongai if you so chose. ( If you are a soul in the Rukongai, you get the chance to become a soul reaper.)



Anyones is welcome to Advertise! If you do so, please put your ads in the appropriate spot. The code of approval is: "There's gonna be a food competition in soul society soon, don't miss it ;DD"

Administration and Moderation.

If you were given the privilege of being a mod or a admin, do not 'god mod' or do not act as if you were the superior being! This will not be tolerated and if you get caught doing this, you will lose you Mod/Admin powers instantly. Administrator and Moderator positions are currently closed.

Insults and Disrespect.

Insulting and disrespecting members of the site is prohibited. This includes racism, sexism, and anything that makes a user feel uncomfortable and offended by you. This will not be tolerated and anyone who does so will bare consequences.


Be nice! Not everyone's perfect. In fact NO ONES perfect. People mess up and others need help with rping. If I, or any other staff member, see people bullying others or flaming dramatically over an issue, they will get a severe punishment, like being banned from the site for a certain period, or get permanently banned.


Swearing is not prohibited, but we do wish for you to keep it to a minimum. We would prefer that you only swear when in character, but it is not required. There will absolutely be no swearing to hurt or make other characters feel like crap! This will not be tolerated and occasionally lead to you getting banned.


For any advertising issues or anything alike, use PMs. Keep it out of the chatbox.
Please be respectful on the chatbox. Respect any mods within the chatbox, and have a good time!

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