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1 Qilforte Agradol on Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:05 pm

Character - Quincy
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Name: Agradol Qilforte (アグラドル・キルフォーテ, Aguradoru Kirufoute)
Age: 24.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Hetero.
Height: 6'1" ft // 185 CM.
Weight: 173 lbs // 78 KG.
Appearance: Qilforte Agradol is a man of high proportions. He has long, brown hair that is always tied in a low ponytail by a red ribbon or strap and reaches to the middle of the back. Two ends down right next to his eyes, covering them a little and reaching in overall length to his cheekbones' end. It is silky in feel, as Qilforte tends to take care of it well to always look his best. His eyes are grey colored and don't seem to have anything special to them, except for when he utilizes his powers. Qilforte's skin tone is pale, but not complete white as one would think him a vampire: he's simply what most refer to as a white man, no tan whatsoever. Like any other normal man of his age, he is pretty sure of his sexuality and style, knowing he's not a transgender or anything - but if it's for the laughs, he won't bother putting on make-up. Service and the satisfaction of customers comes first, after all, as much as he could provide of course.

Qilforte's body is mid-muscular, yet not exactly athletic. He has a solid build despite not necessarily training in martial arts like most men. He stands at 6'1" foot, a little higher than the average of humans in general, giving him access to some achievements others can't get to. He has rather large hands, measuring a full 21 centimeters from his wrist's end to his middle finger's edge, but he also boasts slim fingers. His usual work attire consists of a White, long-sleeved shirt held under his dark gray pants, strapped above his shoulders via two black suspenders. His white shirt is buttoned, the center bold through a double-knot area. His sleeves are always fully stretched neatly and closed through the golden button at each. At the stomach area, small amounts of the fabric stick out on the front for his lower belly not really reaching that part (it does, though barely). His collar is open and 1 button is always loose, so he would not get choked, such hidden through the use of either black or red bow ties. His pants are dark grey and boast darker colored stripes going down to the edges of the sleeves. It has two pocket sets, two on the front as the normal and two on the back. His pen is always kept hanging on the right back pocket. His work attire is summed up with brown leather shoes with black soles and laces, always hidden under the floor and the pants' ends. Qilforte wears no accessories besides the Quincy Cross, held - unlike other Quincies - as a necklace.
Likes: Serving, girls, sweets, peace, music, bow ties, souls, Ishida followers, leading, photoing, piano, illusions.
Dislikes: Hollows (and Arrancars), Shinigami (and Vizards), robbers, braces, strawberries, being told what to do, hunting, boredom.
Strengths: Easily adaptive, thinks out of the box, calm and collected.
Flaws: Rather impatient, hard to say no, overprotective.
Personality: Qilforte Agradol is a mature young man with a strong sense of responsibility. Growing up, he strived to take care of himself rather than being treated all the time, but at the same time he had set his sights on many goals he came to achieve. Qilforte is hard-working and determined, understanding and easy-going. He is always willing to have fun, knowing when the right times come to show that he's still lively, and not some old man. In truth, he's not all that good, as perfectionism and head-strong are also traits that defy him. Understanding the situation won't mean he easily gives up. Qilforte cherishes life, but is not embarrassed of his abilities the least bit; if he could, he would even boast about, making him prideful and envious as well. But nevertheless, his strong sense of justice leads him to act as a powerful leader at times, caring and compassionate while also strict and harsh. That's just how he grew up.
Occupation: Restaurant/Cafe' waiter.
History: Currently an independent, lone Quincy, would someone have heard of Qilforte's education no one would have believed it to be the same person.

Qilforte Agradol was born a Quincy, much like majority of those from this special clan. Ever since he was a young boy, Qilforte was a very wild kid, never missing any opportunity to have fun. He was a young leader of a group of little brats his age, deciding what would be of them, ever since he was 3 years old in fact. He found lots of fun in practicing his archery and eventually creating a bow following the Vandenreich methods, taught by noone other than his grandmother. He loved her and practice, making him an excellent, Quincy genius even at the young age he was at that time. The kids loved him, his teachers loved his wild attitude, his grandmother aside from loving because he's family loved his high devotion and never-ending determination in training. He learned to manifest his bow and shoot perfectly when he was just 7.

It was the just time for a test, which Qilforte passed with flying colors. A hollow bait snapped, his grandmother watching if anything was to happen to her dear student. Everything went as expected, and Qilforte even exceeded the assumed level he was at. A mere 7 year old boy, shooting down every Hollow to appear within 100 meters of him with direct precision. When a Menos Grande appeared, Qilforte's grandmother demonstrated her skill as an archer, shooting down the Menos using her cane spirit weapon. Qilforte was amazed by her abilities and demanded she teach him. As he passed the test, she agreed, but had second thoughts - as the next stage could turn out too hard.

He was granted the Sanrei Glove, and from there on everything turned a lot harder. It had taken him 4 years to fully master the glove without exerting too much power or giving up because of the pain. He was 11 years old, and a proud Quincy, still a magnificent student and still a leader of a small group of kids his age. His grave mistake was when hd told his friends of his clan and special abilities, reason for wearing that glove for 4 years now. As lively as he was and as reliable he was all that time for them, the kids - albeit doubting his sanity - believed what he said was true. The timing could have not been worse for Qilforte's mother to visit school, learning of what he told his friends.

When Qilforte returned home he was assaulted by non other than his grandmother, which was far more experienced. He thought it was training, but when she shot his left shoulder - paralyzing it - he realized something was wrong. His mother then approached with a cold stare, saying he had shamed the Strenritter genes in him, the Vandenreich and the entire Quincy race altogether: humans should never know of their existence as priests, or the media will seek every method to interrupt with them. Even if they were just kids, he still should not have told them. His grandmother was to finish him off. As a psyche, but this was the final test.

He cried while listening but his grandmother proceeded to attack. He ran away until they were far enough, where they have been training until that day. He then fought back, doing surprisingly well in actually hitting his teacher. She did not falter at all, and that was when Qilforte passed the test. Despite being told its casualties, Qilforte removed the Sanrei Glove. His Letz Stil, the final form, was revealed and he easily overpowered his grandmother, not killing her of course - but defeating her by showing there was no way she will win. His Letz Stil became his Vollstantig, and he reverted from the form to see a new cross. A full-fledged Quincy, resisting the glove's ability to seal his powers. He was told he passed.

The day later, Qilforte was accepted as a Sternritter, one of the elite Quincy warriors, receiving the letter 'T': The Therma. He was then lectured about his family's true nature, and of everything they have done. The Blood War between Quincy and Shinigami, the conflict. How Quincies kill Hollows instead of defeating them or relieving them of pain. Of how his family's assault on souls in Soul Society ended in one Shinigami slaughtering each of the unit, now holding an even higher grudge. He did not accept this. His mother and grandmother were both of the same spot. He tried to talk his way out, seeing the elders and mother's 'friends' were not going to change their ways. What did he know? He was but an 11 year-old kid with no experience. He did though, cherish life.

He decided to immediately quit the Vandenreich, even if it means his powers are taken away. A heroic act, letting aside every urge of grudge the Agradol held so everyone could live happily. He was purer than the highest priest. They wanted his title then, but his loving grandmother and mother stood up, quitting as well with tears in their eyes, escaping with the boy as fast as possible and much to everyone's amazement. They were not traitors, their eyes merely opened to life as human beings and not as Quincies, a different species. Qilforte Agradol, Fiora Agradol and Galuna Agradol - all three escaped Germany to move to Japan, where they started a new life. It was the crisis of Monk Piracy, marked on the Vandenreich pages that day. They vowed to capture the runaways.

Qilforte's life from that point on was simple. He enrolled a different school, met new friends and changed his attitude altogether to a much calmer man. He sought for other Quincies, eventually finding the Ishida line, a clan of Quincies that exist only for survival, and not grudge. He followed their path, informing his mother and grandmother - which have already found them way before the boy. When he was 16, though, the Sternritter found the Agradols and a battle commenced - 4 on 22. They were no match, and by sheer luck it was that Qilforte was in school, untouched. His parents and overseers had their powers sealed almost forever. It was his turn, but somehow knew they were coming.

Qilforte was prepared to lose it all, when the most unexpected happened: a group of Shinigami saved him, wearing unusual white robes. Their form was magnificent, and the Vandenreich retreated to regroup. For long, Qilforte sought a way to return the favor for his mentors, and eventually - by 21 - he had found one: a precise shot, 17 milimeters to the right of the heart. It might have been a fluke, but he successfully returned all of their powers, only for Galuna, his grandmother to die of the pressure on the spot. Technically, he killed his own family.

At the funeral, Qilforte grieved, but not as much as his mother. He swore to never again use this technique, of fear he might kill another person.

Nowadays, forgiven by his mother and cutting all ties with both the Vandenreich and the Ishidas, he lives alone as a grownup, working at a local café in Karakura as a waiter, preparing to study in university.
Roleplay Example:
Off a Fairy Tail site:
"What you're basically saying is..." Lackey's Bar, not too far away from the tournament area. This is where the mission request signer, Bison, has been sitting alone, drinking his liquor peacefully while knowing some client is supposed to come to him, the client that wants to take his request that is. It's a good thing he requested a general one and not an official one for legal or dark guilds, or this would have been answered much slower. The bar was dark, the bar itself mahogany. He did not worry the least bit about whenever the Delta Trio were taken out or not by this mage, as basically the Rune Knights hearing the ruckus would get over there immediately to deal with the problem makers. The one to take the request was Roja Bilka, a lone and independent traveling wizard. He explained the description the suited man had to give him, paying attention to the detail and making sure by the end he got everything right.

"Appure, Lidanoy and Sanga. Appure comes with Lidanoy from the northern corner of the stadium while Sanga comes alone from the southwest corner to cover more area during the 2nd hour, when the Rune Knights move around the eastern parts of the stadium. Sounds like a thought-out plan, are you sure these guys really are amateurs?" The long haired wizard asked curiously. The mafioso-looking client put the glass of liquid on the mahogany table and sighed slightly. The just consumed alcohol was very much smelled from his breath. "That's right."

He continued. "They're clever, but not the strongest of wizards. They plan to take down the stadium using their tactics and deceiving abilities to strike down the Rune Knights, then use their Lacrima-enhanced staffs and swords to attack the walls more effectively. Their target are the main pillars holding the stadium outside and inside, but with those items it shouldn't take them longer than an hour. Think you're up to it?" He asked. Roja did not like the man's secretive attitude and drinking habit: it was unhealthy and shrouded him in mystery, making him look too much like a local dressing up like an important, shady man. He could not trust him too easily, but he was his client - there was not much to do about it. With a slight frown, he simply nodded, much to Bison's amusement. He grinned in response.

"Great. Alright, we've wasted enough time here, it's off your reward after all if they succeed. I suggest you move along now." The man said, but before clearly finishing his sentence the long-haired fighter stepped up. "Just one moment. There's one more thing I'd like to clarify." He said, surprising the messenger. They proceeded to further talk about the issue Roja brought up.

On the meanwhile, the trio had made their ways to the stadium outskirts, hidden under the Rune Knights' eyes. Time to get rough.
Trivia: Qilforte doesn't so easily tell someone he's a Quincy. He can also play the piano pretty well.
Followed Philosophy: Ishida follower, Vandenreich ability.

Spirit Weapon: As an Ishida follower, Qilforte's Spirit Weapon manifests from his Quincy Cross as a unique bow: It appears as a cross would, a plus sign. The bow has four edges, up, down, right and left and in the center, a circle lies, twice as large as Qilforte's clenched fist size. The circle is transparent, meaning a hole is formed there, showing his bare hand, and surrounds the knuckle, connecting with the four edges. Obviously, the four are bent slightly on their ends from which a thin line of Spirit Particles is formed to connect with its opposite side, being the 'strings' a bow fires from. The bow overall is 2 meters high and 2 meters wide, complete symmetry. The edges are thick yet delicate in a way, matching a longbow. It is colored golden and cyan colors, manifesting as an actual weapon rather simply Spirit Particles like that of a beginner Quincy. Much unlike the regular Ishida followers, Qilforte's arrows are fired when his fist is clutched, firing consecutively. By releasing and clutching rapidly, he can fire the same way a semi-automatic rifle does.
Arrow Effect: As a Vandenreich Quincy by nature, the Agradol family line has had several different effects bestowed upon their arrows. What differed them was the effect itself. Qilforte's unique special ability emitted with his arrows is the manipulation of bodily temperatures. While he himself is not directly affected by this, once his arrows hit a certain mark, they have the ability to either increase or decrease the overlaying temperature of the spot or the entire shape, landing effects like Hypthothermia or Hyperpyrexia upon the target. At some point, the regular human body cannot take much more of the change in temperature and crumble not under the drain of Reiatsu also provided by any Quincy, but under a fatal disease. Qilforte's master over this skill allows him to fully control these temperature signals, to either increase or decrease in just one spot - changing quickly, or on the entire body - requiring several arrows for the real devastating effect to take place. Other than that, Qilforte's arrows also drain a target of some of their Reiatsu, as with all other Quincies.
Last Form: Quincy Vollstantig, the purest form a Quincy can wear - and also the most dangerous. The overlaying Spiritual Particles which take the form of wings and several additions on the user's body are in fact numerous Spiritual Particles gathered together, noting the absorption abilities of whoever wields it. As a high level Quincy, Qilforte has achieved this form as well. His overlaying spirit particle armor first of all, takes the form of two sets of butterfly wings, sprouting from his back. They're each, the same size as he is and similarize leaves with their unique, curved-to-pointy shape. Just like all other Vollstantig wings, they too seemingly vibrate - but if looking closely, it's actually the spirit particles circling endlessly in high speeds inside. They appear very pale cyan color, and when further Reiatsu is infused they get darker in hue. They occasionally move as if flapped very slowly, like an actual butterfly resting. The wings from behind appear to be connected to one another, all four by an unstable sphere of Spiritual Energy of the same color, which seems to burst from its supposedly perfect shape very often, every time Qilforte moves in fact.

The rest of the armor takes the form of gauntlets, kneecaps that surround the joint from behind in a thin line which extends from behind up, forming a ring around his thighs, two pauldrons and a halo above his head. The gauntlets are, unlike his wings, firm and don't appear disrupted at all. They start a little from the end of his elbow and reach a little past the wrist, folding together according to the hand motions which domin the spiritual particles. The rings around the thighs are evenly sized and placed, having an inch of thin line surrounding each. They connect through the middle of the thigh's back, the shin, to the ringsurrounding the knee joints, only to come as a kneecap on the front. The pauldrons appear as extensions of his shoulders, triangular and pointy albeit rounding up, curving. They do not reach farther than six inches of each shoulder. Lastly, the halo, is just a round circle of spiritual particles gathered above the crown, the head's highest point.

In his Vollstantig form, Qilforte's attire changes as well, to finally match the traditional Quincy monks outfit - tight, long-sleeved shirt with a small cape flopping behind, held by two golden buttons. Lower shirt parts on the front and back extended to pass the knee level, the buttoning and lining in dark blue. Pants tightening at the calves level, also lined with dark blue and using a belt of the same color to the delicate lines, upon which four Seele Schneider blades rest, waiting to be triggered. His shoes finish the attire in their color, sole a single inch above the ground, making it suitable for Steps. The entirety of his outfit is white in colored in the same colored: blank, purest form of white there is - just like his ancestors.
Attack: 100
Defense: 60
Spiritual Control: 140
Mobility: 100
Intelligence: 140
Stamina: 60

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