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New Character Adoptions!!!

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1New Character Adoptions!!! Empty New Character Adoptions!!! on Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:53 pm

Within "Abandoned Character" is a new forum called "Character Adoption". The ways a topic can be put into that forum would be so;
*asked for by original owner,
*was in "abandoned characters" for over 3-5 weeks.
*original owner was banned or suspended for over 1 month. (Questions?=ask staff)
*a original owner ownd more than allowed alt accounts.
*was "sold" by original owner(questions?=ask staff or see adoption char. Rules),
*was given to a member by original owner (questions?=see adoption char rules).
*confiscated by a staff member.
*other. (If the reason was not above the staff who moved it will give a axplination on why they had done this.)

To adopt a character see rules located in the character adoption rules!
-TWoTS Staff

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